These are Mega Evolutions introduced in the Dorsea Region:

List of Mega Evolutions Edit

Mega Meganium Edit

Type: Grass/Fairy

Ability: Own Tempo


HP: 80

Attack: 122

Defense: 110

Sp.Atk: 123

Sp.Def: 110

Speed: 80

Mega Typhlosion Edit

Type: Fire/Dark

Ability: Mold Breaker


HP: 78

Attack: 104

Defense: 78

Sp.Atk: 149

Sp.Def: 85

Speed: 140

Mega Feraligatr Edit

Type: Water/Dragon

Ability Tough Claws


HP: 85

Attack: 155

Defense: 110

Sp.Atk: 79

Sp.Def: 83

Speed: 118

Mega Crobat Edit

Type: Poison/Dark

Ability: Strong Jaw

+ Gets Crunch at level 45


HP: 85

Attack: 120

Defense: 90

Sp.Atk: 80

Sp.Def: 90

Speed: 170

Mega Poliwrath Edit

Type: Water/Fighting

Ability: Water Veil


HP: 90

Attack: 135

Defense: 95

Sp.Atk: 80

Sp.Def: 120

Speed: 80

Mega Porygon-Z Edit

Type: Normal/Dark

Ability: Adaptability


HP: 85

Attack: 80

Defense: 75

Sp.Atk: 175

Sp.Def: 80

Speed: 140        

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